Common Questions About Replacing Your Home’s Circuit Breaker Panel

Your home's breaker panel is essential for managing the flow of electricity throughout the house. While this is a panel that you are unlikely to think about until there is a problem, issues with it can both reduce comfort inside the home and pose a major fire risk. As a result of these issues, it will likely be probable that you will need to replace the breaker panel with a new unit. However, if this is not something that you have seriously considered having done to your home, there are probably two questions that you need addressed. 

Does It Matter What Type Of Breaker Panel You Choose?

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that breaker panels have evolved substantially in recent years. While older units likely contained nothing more than a series of circuit breakers, some modern panels use sophisticated software and diagnostics to constantly monitor the flow of electricity. 

When you install this type of circuit breaker, you will likely not have to wait for the early warning signs of a problem before taking corrective action. The diagnostic software in smart panels is able to alert you of potential problems before they develop into major issues. Also, these systems can provide a readout of your daily power usage, and this can help you adjust your habits to reduce energy use without sacrificing comfort. 

How Can You Extend The Life Of Your Breaker Panel?

Having a circuit breaker panel installed can be a rather inconvenient type of work to need done to your home, but many new homeowners do not realize that there are some simple steps that can help reduce the chances that their panel encounters problems. In particular, keeping the panel clean of any dust will help prevent damage from occurring to the unit. 

When dust accumulates on the interior of a circuit breaker panel, it can inhibit the ability of the fuses to fire when overloads surge through the system. This occurs because the dust will interfere with the sensor that is responsible for triggering the fuse. By using a can of compressed air, you can remove this dust from the panel, and you may find that this simple and affordable maintenance step will help your system avoid these problems and the need for expensive repairs or replacements. 

Upgrading your home's circuit breaker panel is a step that you will likely have to perform at some point in the future. However, new homeowners may not fully understand what this upgrade involves or what factors they should consider during it. Yet, learning the benefits of choosing a smart panel and keep dust from accumulating in the panel will help ensure that you get the most from this part of your home. 

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