2 Important Electrical Features To Add To Your Home

If you are doing an extensive home renovation, adding an addition, or building a home from scratch, you will have opportunities to do some rewiring of your home's electrical system. Consider adding the following two features that will help protect your electronics and provide emergency backup power.

Whole Home Surge Protection

It is common to use surge protectors in your home on expensive electronics, such as a television, computer, or cell phones while they are being charged. Unfortunately, many people do not think about protecting their expensive appliances like the refrigerator, water heater, washer or dryer. If your home has surge protection on the breaker box, your appliances that are often ignored will be protected.

Having a surge protector installed that covers your entire home will cost about $500 with parts and labor for homes that use a 200-amp circuit breaker, which is standard for residential homes. The surge protection system will prevent 40,000-amp power surges from ruining your electronics and appliances, as well as typical power surges. Once you have the whole home surge protection system installed, you can continue using surge protectors that you already have for additional protection.

Backup Power

When power outages occur, people typically deal with it the best they can by lighting candles and limiting how often they open their refrigerator. There is no reason that you should be getting through it in the dark when a backup power solution can help you.

There are several sources that you can use for back power. One source that is commonly used is natural gas. A generator can be installed on your property that will turn on automatically when a power outage is detected. While a large generator could power your entire home, smaller generators can power essential circuits such as the ones going to your kitchen, bathroom, or a sump pump. This is done using a breaker box that is dedicated only to backup power that lets you decide which circuits to turn on.

Solar power is also a viable backup solution power solution for those looking to have a home that is more green. Power can stored in solar batteries, and then used when there is an emergency power outage situation.

No matter what features you decide to add to your home's electrical system, you will need a professional to do it for you. Reach out to a local electrician today to get a quote for adding these features to your home.