6 Ideas To Turn Your Backyard Into The Ultimate Entertainment Space

If you frequently entertain people in your home, move the party outside this spring and summer. Transform your backyard into a fun gathering place that your neighbors will envy. The following project ideas will get you started thinking about creating that perfect backyard entertainment space.

1. A Deck for All Seasons

Build a deck out of new composite materials that hold up to any weather or abuse. Plastic and vinyl-coated surfaces are treated to look just like natural stone or wood. Unlike wood, these materials don't have splinters and won't fade or rot. The surface is durable and many can be made non-slip to make sure your guests are safe from slips and falls.

2. Accent the Deck and Keep It Safe

Have an electrician install LED strip lighting under the deck rails, along deck posts and on the stair risers. These lights provide a soft glow at night that outline your new deck and heighten safety when people are using the stairs.

3. Make It a Comfortable Party Space

Electric, radiant heaters along the outer edge of the deck let you take advantage of the space in those cool evenings. More efficient than the propane gas heaters, radiant heat spreads out along the deck floor so you'll have fewer cold spots than with the gas heaters. They also don't get in the way like the column-style gas heaters.

4. Move the Kitchen Outside

Having a food preparation area outside means less time going back and forth between the kitchen and the deck. Having gas or electric grill, refrigerator, freezer and countertop on the deck lets you stay out with your guests as you fix drinks, appetizers and party food favorites. Have your electrician install several outdoor outlets so you'll have plenty of power for blenders, food processors and other helpful appliances.

5. Play Your Favorite Music Outdoors

Weatherproof speakers mounted on the deck bring the music outside to your party from your stereo system inside. High-end outdoor speaker systems give you concert-quality sound from units that can withstand rain and temperature extremes. Choose conventional wired units or go with new wireless Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

6. A Warm and Cozy Place to Chat

Extend the party off of your deck by designing a comfortable place to visit around a high-tech glass fire pit in the yard. These fire pits contain pieces of glass surrounding a gas burner. The flames spread up and over the glass creating a warm glow of soft light. The glass can be clear or various colors and is not affected by the heat. You won't have the soot or ash to clean up as you do with a wood-burning fire. Place chairs or benches around the pit for an intimate spot to relax with your friends.

New products and materials turn your backyard into a fun and convenient place in which to entertain. Move the party outside this year with these backyard remodeling project ideas.