Taking Care Of Your Home Gas Generator

If you have just purchased a gas generator to use at home, you will enjoy experiencing no electrical downtime. This luxury item is a must-have in areas where there are frequent storms or downed tree limbs, making it important to maintain it properly so it is readily available when needed. Doing maintenance on a gas generator is not that difficult and can be done on your own a few times a year. Here are some instructions on how to do routine maintenance to your gas generator.

Keep A Log

It is important to keep a service log book near your generator so you are aware of when you had last serviced it. This information will be useful when deciding to do a maintenance session, and will help you remember its history overall in case parts break before warranty. Do your maintenance twice a year to keep your generator in optimal condition. Spring and fall are usually best as they will give you time to make repairs before the heat of the summer or coolness of the winter when power is more likely to go out.

Clean The Unit

Leaves or dirt that get embedded in the mechanisms of your generator can cause it to run improperly. Rinse the entire unit down using a pressure washer while it is unplugged from your home. Wipe it down with a piece of microfiber cloth, and leave it in the sun for an hour to help remove any excess moisture you did not remove yourself. 

Check The Liquids

Take a look at the distilled water reservoir located near the battery, and top it off if needed. The oil should be changed every other maintenance session. Add a fuel stabilizer to the gasoline tank if your gas has sat for several months without running the generator.

Check The Mechanisms

Use a voltage tester to make sure the battery is still up to par, and replace it if the voltage seems too low. Tighten all bolts and screws, and replace any that are rusted. Change out the oil filter when you change the oil. Clean the spark plugs using a mixture of baking soda and water, or replace them completely for the best charge when you start up your generator. Clean the battery terminals with this mixture as well. If you notice any parts that have frayed wires, call in a professional generator service to repair them for you, as these may be a bit difficult to repair properly on your own.

Start The Machine

If you have several months without needing to use your generator, you should start it up to make sure it is working properly for times when you will need to use it. Regularly running it will keep it lubricated and primed. Start your generator and allow it to run for several minutes. Turn it off and start it up again to make sure it will start and stop without incident.