Electrical Red Flags That Every Homeowner Should Know

If you're a homeowner, you likely have a growing to-do list of projects and chores that need to be completed around your home. While HVAC servicing and plumbing updates to your home may be on your yearly to-do list, don't forget about the electrical system as well. Even if you've had a newer electrical service installed in your home, problems can suddenly arise. The result could be loss of power or in extreme cases, electrical shock or fire. Here are a few red flags that you shouldn't ignore when it comes to your home's electrical system.

Outdoor Frayed Or Exposed Wiring

Have you checked the lines running from the electrical pole outside of your property leading up to your house? Are they new? Or are they frayed or hanging low? Just like other wiring components, outdoor wiring needs to be replaced when it begins to show signs of excessive wear. Exposure to outdoor elements as well as wind and damage from hanging branches can cause electrical wires to become loose or not make a solid connection. This could lead to a power short and spark a flame, which could cause a fire. Talk to your electrical company about hanging lines, but in many cases, you'll have to hire an electrician to rewire the lines from the pole to your home.

Electrical Box Issues

A good indication that your electrical system is not working at maximum power, is when you're having issues with your electrical box. If you've noticed that you are blowing fuses within the circuit breaker on a frequent basis, this means that your box is being overloaded or overworked. If you've recently had any new appliances installed, this could mean you need to upgrade your outlets and your electrical box. A new hot water heater, electric dryer, hot tub or swimming pool can also place a heavier load on your electrical circuits. Have an electrician come out to your home to analyze your power usage so you can rest assured everything is working properly.

Pause When Turning On A Light Switch

A red flag with your electrical system could come in a simple everyday task. When you turn your light switches on? Is there a hesitation of light? This could mean that the wiring in your home is weakening or going bad. According to The National Fire Protection Association, 13 percent of home structure fires are related to electrical failure or malfunction. You can prevent your home and family from becoming a statistic by making the necessary electrical wiring repairs and restoring a safe electric flow throughout your home.

Sudden Increase In Electrical Bill

Noticing higher utility bills can be an indicator of wiring going bad or faulty wiring with a large electrical appliance. A rise in your electrical output means that something is drawing on your electricity more than in previous months. You can easily compare monthly kilowatt hours used by referring to a twelve-month readout of your previous utility bill.

If you notice any sudden electrical changes, call an electrician right away. Otherwise, consider having a licensed electrician inspect your home wiring components every three to five years to check for problems. This could prevent an electrical issue from wreaking havoc inside your home. Contact a local electrician, like Palmer Electric Inc., with further concerns.