Check The Wiring Before Holiday Electronics Buying

There's always a big list of awesome gaming consoles, televisions, sound systems and computers as the holidays roll around. Before committing to a buy, make sure that your precious new toys are safe as they enter the home. To avoid dealing with a burned out shell of a computer or a flickering big screen TV that needs to be returned again and again, consider a few things that could go wrong and how an electrician can make it right before the problem starts.

Dangers Of Unchecked Wiring

Home wiring is a complex, high-energy network of copper connections. Wiring can last for decades, but there are some dangers that could lead to faster wear and tear.

Electrical storms are a random, but nearly guaranteed part of life. Lightning strikes may not hit the home directly or on a regular basis, but a blackout caused by a nearby electrical strike can overload your wires. The surge of electricity could be as far away as a connected power line network, but if safety mechanisms fail before your home, your wiring can still suffer.

As a source of heat, excessive and unplanned electricity can send copper wires to unsafe temperatures, leading to fast melting or even burning in some parts. The damage isn't always complete, meaning that the wiring may be simply brittle after a strike.

After time, future lightning strikes or constant electrical usage means that the wiring is more likely to become more brittle at a faster rate than undamaged wiring. This means that the wiring may separate at unplanned intervals, leading to power loss and possible damage to certain electronics.

Turning any electronic devices on and off at unplanned intervals can lead to component damage and faster wear and tear. Computer-based systems such as desktop computers, gaming consoles and computerized entertainment systems may become corrupted if power is lost while they save and retrieve information. In some cases, this means that the devices need to be repaired or replace for an entirely digital problem. If the hardware becomes damaged, a replacement is almost required.

What Can An Electrician Do About It?

First, an inspection can rule out many of the uncertainties in the previous section. Instead of bringing in a slew of new wiring practices, electrical professionals can look for actual problems that may need full wiring replacement or supplemental wiring. If it's not broken, don't fix it.

Aside from full replacement, additional wiring can be added to reduce the amount of heat crossing a specific wire from electricity. If a wiring path fails, there will be other paths that can be used instead. This can reduce the need for upgrades and electrical repairs by a few years.

Additional outlets can be added as well, allowing you to take advantage of your new devices in places that are comfortable instead of letting existing outlets control your placement. If you have a lot of electronics in one place, an electrician can add a new electrical distribution board (also known as a power panel, electrical panel or breaker panel) to reduce the amount of electricity traveling to a specific junction.