Implementing An Office Into A Seemingly Non-Functional Attic Space

Whether you work from home or just prefer to have a space set aside in your home where you can handle important calls, business matters, or finances, implementing an office in the home is an ideal upgrade that just about any homeowner can appreciate. You may think that you have no space available for an office, but if you look beyond the walls that you see everyday, you probably have more space available than you think. The attic overhead is often disregarded as functional space because of its location, but with a few changes, this is one wasted space in your home that can be transformed into something that is completely useful. 

Implement a functional access point. 

One of the biggest challenges most homeowners face with an attic renovation is the entryway. Most attics have little more than a fold-down ladder or even worse, just a trap door in the ceiling that you have to climb up into in order to get to the attic. However, because the attic usually covers the entire span of the house, there are several places where you could probably add a more logical access stairway. Metal spiral staircases are a good solution because they don't take up a lot of floor space and are situated basically in a vertical position. 

Have an electrician reroute wiring and install lights and plug-ins. 

If your attic is like most, it is a wide open, unfinished space with wires showing, little-to-no lighting, and probably does not have electrical outlets available. An electrician can easily add lighting and electric outlets in the attic by tapping into wiring that is already present. This is usually not an expensive service and only takes a few hours to complete in most cases. Plus, the professional can work to tuck away any ugly wiring by rerouting it through walls and ceilings while they are there. 

Don't forget to have the HVAC system reconfigured for attic heating and cooling. 

If you have ductwork running through the attic, it will have to be reconfigured so that it is out of the way before you can use the space effectively. You should also talk to either an electrician or HVAC technician about adding a few vents in the attic to keep the space heated and cooled. Be sure that your unit is large enough to handle the additional area, and if it is not, a smaller portable heating and cooling unit should work. 

For more information and assistance, talk with local electricians, such as those at Royal Plus Electric.