Three Electrical Problems That Should Warrant An Immediate Call To An Electrician

As a homeowner, it can often be beneficial to scout out an electrician that serves your community when you don't have any electrical issues in your home that need attention. This proactive approach means that in the event of dealing with an emergency, you'll simply be able to call this professional contractor and schedule a visit instead of begin the process of finding someone suitable. It's ideal to focus on an electrician who can offer around-the-clock service; after all, not every electrical problems will happen during normal business hours. Regardless of the time at which they take place, here are three electrical problems that you might experience that warrant a call to your electrician right away.

Flickering Lights During High Winds

Heavy winds can make your house creak, but if you're also noticing that several lights are flickering, it's important to call your 24-hour electrician right away. The concern with flickering lights during high winds is there's a possibility that wires are frayed or otherwise damaged in your home's weatherhead. The weatherhead is the fitting outside your home that collects the wires that run from the nearby power poles, and the flickering is indicative of a series of mini shorts caused by the wind. This issue carries a significant fire risk -- the frayed cables can lead to arcing, which means that the current is jumping from the cables to the weatherhead. Your electrician might need to coordinate with the local electric provider but will be able to take immediate steps to ensure your home and family are protected from this danger.

Sparks From Outlets

Although it's normal to see a brief spark flash if you pull an electrical cord out of an outlet quickly, it's a larger concern if you're routinely seeing sparks from the same outlet or the sparks are longer or otherwise more pronounced. Abstain from using the outlet in question until you can have your 24-hour electrician visit your home to diagnose the problem. There's a chance that the wiring attached to the outlet is faulty or that the outlet is otherwise damaged, but the electrician will be able to replace any wiring or replace the outlet to keep you safe.

Shocks From The Same Outlet

Improper handling of an electrical plug can lead to a shock -- for example, if you inadvertently touch either of the prongs on a plug when you're putting it into an outlet, you can get shocked. However, if you're repeatedly noticing shocks from the same outlet and you're not doing anything careless, there's a chance that the outlet's wiring is making the entire electrical box live. You should stay away from this outlet -- and ideally turn it off at your breaker panel -- until you can have your electrician inspect the problem and fix it.