Have Ceiling Fans That Wobble? Learn How To Fix Them

Ceiling fans are great at providing comfort and cutting down on your energy bills. Unfortunately, ceiling fans that wobble can be a huge annoyance due to the movement and sounds that come from them, and can risk causing an injury or electrical danger in your home. Learn how to fix this problem by following these steps.

Gather Your Tools And Turn Off The Electricity

You do not need many tools to fix your ceiling fan. Gather the following items:

  • Step ladder
  • Yardstick
  • Screwdriver
  • Dime

Turn off power going to your ceiling fan at the main circuit breaker box. If you want to make sure that there is no electrical current going through the ceiling fan, test the wiring at the switch using an electrical voltage meter.

Inspect The Mount

The problem may be the mount that is causing the wobbling. Start by removing the casing around the ceiling fan and looking at the mount closely. A common mistake made is mounting a ceiling fan to an electrical box that isn't designed to support the weight of a ceiling fan. It's possible that the mount will say it is rated for a ceiling fan, which will clear up any suspicions that you have. The mount needs to be installed to the ceiling joists for much needed support.

While you have the mount exposed, check that all hardware has been screwed on tight. More specifically, look at things such as the U-bolts supporting the ceiling fan to the mount. Tighten them if necessary.

Align And Balance The Blades

A ceiling fan can also wobble due to uneven blades. You should measure every blade using your yardstick, measuring from the ceiling to the highest point on the blade. Any blades that are at a different height should be readjusted. Ceiling fans in rooms with high levels of moisture can become warped over the years, and will need to be replaced.

The balance of each blade can be checked by placing your dime on top of it, and manually spinning the ceiling fan around. A balanced blade will not cause the coin to wobble at all. If the dime wobbles, then you have found the culprit. A balancing kit can be purchased at your local home improvement store to help balance the blade.

If you have problems locating the source of the wobble, know that an electrician or company like D & D Electric Enterprises, Inc. can help you do it. If the ceiling fan needs replacement, they can assist with that as well.