Is Track Lighting Right For Your Home?

Track lighting is one of many options to consider when you are lighting up a space in your home. As with all other choices on the market, track lighting offers a number of benefits and drawbacks. It is up to you to take these into consideration when trying to decide if track lighting is right for you.

Installation and Price

Fortunately, track lighting is fairly easy to install. It is something a professional electrician would only need a few hours to do depending on the size of the space. Depending on where you live, professional electricians can charge between $50 and $100 an hour for their services. In addition to labor, you also have to foot the bill for the material which can get a little pricey. While the final price varies depending on the shape, quality, and amount of track lighting, a four-foot track can cost anywhere from $100 to $500.


Track lighting is appealing because it is mounted. This means it will take up less space than just about any other lighting source on the market. Track lighting is also a great option if you are working with a room that has limited power sources as you will be using one power source for the entire track.


Track lighting setups give you a lot of flexibility in terms of the layout. You get to decide what direction you want the lights to shine, how many lights you want, and if you want the lights in a specific design. Track lighting is great if you want the light of your home to double as a work of art.


One of the biggest issues with tracking lighting is the lights cannot operate independently. When you turn the track lighting system on, all of the lights are on. This means you cannot just have a partially lit room. This type of lighting source also doesn't tend to offer the best "all-over" light. Track lighting provides concentrated light to specific spots inside of the space it is installed in.

As you can see, track lighting can be a great option, but most people still end up needing a lamp or other light source in most rooms. If you are working with limited space or limited power sources, this lighting is a great option as long as you can foot what could be a hefty bill depending on the type of track you install.