Benefits Of Home Energy Management

A home energy management system, or HEMS, is something you might be interested in if you use an alternative energy source in your home or if you just want to make your home as energy efficient as possible. If you love working with the latest technology and are moving toward smart appliances and a smart home, then a home energy management system neatly ties everything together. An HEMS can even benefit your local utility, especially as more and more homes switch over to the technology. Here are some benefits of using home energy management.

You Monitor Electricity Use In Real Time

A home energy maintenance system connects to the electrical box so it gathers data from the electrical company and then analyzes how the electricity is used throughout your home. Software compiles the data in informational graphs, text, and pictures that let you monitor your energy use on a tablet, PC, or smartphone. You'll see the appliances currently using electricity and how much they are consuming. This information is valuable when you want to control energy costs by reducing waste. You can see the effect turning off lights and unplugging electronics has on your energy consumption.

You Can Monitor Energy Rates And Grid Load

Since your HEMS is connected to your local utility company, you can also monitor the grid and the current rate you're being charged. This helps you decide on the best time to do things like run the dishwasher or do laundry so you can get the lowest rate. Energy costs are often higher during times of peak usage. By monitoring the grid, you'll see the current load and you'll be able to tell if it's best to hold off on using appliances or tools that have a high energy demand.

You Can Monitor Alternative Power Storage

Home energy management is useful when you have solar, wind, or battery power for your home. You'll always know at a glance how much power you have stored and how much you're using. By comparing this information with the current state of the grid and how much you would make by selling your power, you can decide if you want to consume the power your home generates or if you want to move it back to the grid.

You Can Control Your Home Remotely

A fun benefit of moving toward a smart home with a management system is that you can control electricity remotely. This allows you to turn off lights and power to electronics even if you aren't home. You can adjust the thermostat and monitor your electrical consumption anywhere you have access to a tablet or smartphone. This keeps you from wasting energy and keeps your home safer if you leave home with the stove on since you can shut if off remotely.

Home energy management is a fun and beneficial innovation for modern homes. As more homes utilize this technology, the aging power grid will benefit. Users can avoid heavy consumption during peak usage times and those with alternative energy generation can move their energy to the grid to help keep power on in the neighborhood during a power outage.