4 Reasons To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

If you have an electrical panel that is really old or is too full, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel. Upgrading your electrical panel has safety benefits and can be a good investment as well.

#1 Your Electrical System Is Tripping Out Frequently

Your electrical system should run seamlessly. If your electrical system is tripping out frequently, it probably needs to be replaced. For example, if your breaker is getting tripped on a regular basis, your fuses are getting blown-out on a regular basis, and your lights are flickering up and down, these are all signs that your electrical system is tripping out. Your electrical system should run smoothly. You should not be running to your electrical panel multiple times a month because a fuse was tripped or a breaker went out. You should not have to experience flickering lights just because you are using lots of electrical power in your home.

#2 Your Electrical System Is Out Of Space

If you don't have any more space on your electrical panel, but you want to add another load to your electrical panel, you are going to need to upgrade your electrical panel. You can install a larger electrical panel that has more space on it. This will allow you to add additional outlets to your electrical panel.

#3 Your Electrical Panel Is Really Old

Electrical panels are not made to last forever. If your electrical panel is really old, it may be time for an upgrade due to safety reasons. Older electrical panels can overload more easily, which puts your home at risk of a fire. To reduce the risk of fire to your home, upgrading your electrical panel will make your home a safer place.

#4 Your Insurance Rates are High

If your home insurance rates are too high, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel. Upgrading your electrical panel is one of many home upgrades you can make to your home that can help lower your insurance rates. A new electrical panel is safer and reduces your risk of fire, which are just a few of the reasons why a new electrical panel can lower your insurance rates. Just make sure that you report to your insurance agent when you change out your electrical panel.

Changing out an electrical panel is a technical job, one that you should hire a certified electrician to perform on your home. For more information, contact a company like Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc.