3 Things You Must Know Before Getting A Commercial Generator Installation Quote

What would your business do if you lost power in the middle of the day? Would you have to send everyone home until the power came back on? For a lot of businesses, there are no contingency plans for dealing with even a temporary power outage. You're at the mercy of the power outage and the power company's ability to get things working again. This could mean just a few minutes of downtime or it could potentially stretch into multiple days. But there is a solution: having a generator installed. Although this isn't necessarily an inexpensive solution, it can save you significant time and trouble in the future. Before you start looking into getting one installed, here are some things that you need to know first.

Power usage

Are you just looking to keep a few lights and maybe a computer running? Maybe you own a convenience store or something similar and want to keep the coolers going in the event of a blackout? The scope of the project is going to determine the size of generator installation that you'll need. Mission-critical systems can be put on the circuit or circuits with the generator while other things will be shut off without power.

Time frame

How long do you want or need the power to stay on after a blackout? For some companies, you might need the power to stay on indefinitely. For others, a few extra hours to finish out the day and go home may be enough. The answer to this question is going to determine how much fuel you need to keep on hand for your generator installation. Commercial generators use more fuel than residential generators and need more fuel on hand in the event of a crisis. Talk to the generator company about exactly how and where to safely store the fuel that's needed to power the generator.

Automatic or manual

If you have a business that's open nearly 24/7, you may want the generator installation to automatically kick on when it senses a power outage. On the other hand, you may neither want nor need the generator to start up by itself if a power outage happens overnight. This could just be an unnecessary waste of fuel. You need to decide ahead of time whether you want an employee to have to go outside and start the generator or if you want it to do its thing automatically and your employees simply need to add more fuel as required.

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