Three Things To Know About Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is one of the best options for a modern home interested in subdued, space-saving lighting. If you're interested in this lighting arrangement, however, there are a few things you need to know. Their construction requires focus on the trim you use, as well as the light bulb, and you need an electrician.

The Trim Is Important

Recessed lighting uses interior housing that is added into a wall or ceiling, a light bulb within that housing, and trim to hide the edge of the housing and allow some light to seep through. You should have an idea as to what kind of trim you want before you install the housing. Trims differ in terms of how much light they allow through the housing, how much of the bulb is hidden inside the housing or allowed outside of it, their ability to adjust the direction or amount of light, and their color. For example, you can pick a trim that's chrome and conceals part of the light fixture while being flexible in lighting direction, or inflexible with a protective cover. No matter what you choose, the trim is just one important part of any recessed lighting.

So Is The Bulb

Another important part of this type of lighting is the bulb. Recessed lighting relies on storing a light unobtrusively in a ceiling or wall at least part-way, if not entirely, meaning that you need to make sure the light bulb doesn't produce too much heat. You should focus on LED light bulbs, as they are not only more efficient but also colder. If your ceiling is insulated, you'll need to find light bulbs intended for recessed lights. If you don't know what light bulbs to choose, or can't find them easily, then ask your electrician for help.

You Need An Electrician

Finally, you need to make sure an electrician or a lighting contractor does the majority of the installation work for you. Recessed lighting is more complicated than regular lighting, and even if it wasn't, attempting to do your own wiring is dangerous. You won't save any money on installation fees if you do it wrong or injure yourself in the process. Plus, they are usually better able to pull the permits most locales require to add light fixtures such as this to a home than your average homeowner. You can find a lighting contractor through friends or neighbors that have their own recessed lighting or online.

Recessed lighting is a great option for homeowners wanting a modern, unobtrusive option. They have many options for exterior trims and require efficient light bulbs. Finally, if you need recessed lighting installed, contact an electrician or lighting contractor near you today.