Check The Wiring Before Holiday Electronics Buying

There's always a big list of awesome gaming consoles, televisions, sound systems and computers as the holidays roll around. Before committing to a buy, make sure that your precious new toys are safe as they enter the home. To avoid dealing with a burned out shell of a computer or a flickering big screen TV that needs to be returned again and again, consider a few things that could go wrong and how an electrician can make it right before the problem starts. Read More 

Protect Your New TV With A Surge Protector Outlet

If you intend to upgrade your TV or entertainment system this Christmas, you should upgrade your electrical outlet as well. You can install a surge protector enhanced outlet that will protect your new appliances from being damaged by power surges from storms and line malfunctions.   You can then get rid of your power strip that is enhanced with surge protection capabilities, which is often obtrusive and aesthetically unappealing, and seems to serve an additional purpose as a household dust collector. Read More 

Electrical Red Flags That Every Homeowner Should Know

If you're a homeowner, you likely have a growing to-do list of projects and chores that need to be completed around your home. While HVAC servicing and plumbing updates to your home may be on your yearly to-do list, don't forget about the electrical system as well. Even if you've had a newer electrical service installed in your home, problems can suddenly arise. The result could be loss of power or in extreme cases, electrical shock or fire. Read More 

Taking Care Of Your Home Gas Generator

If you have just purchased a gas generator to use at home, you will enjoy experiencing no electrical downtime. This luxury item is a must-have in areas where there are frequent storms or downed tree limbs, making it important to maintain it properly so it is readily available when needed. Doing maintenance on a gas generator is not that difficult and can be done on your own a few times a year. Here are some instructions on how to do routine maintenance to your gas generator. Read More 

How To Replace The Ballast On A Fluorescent Light Fixture

If you have fluorescent lighting, the ballast will wear out at some point. The ballast is the small black box that produces the current and voltage needed to operate the light. A buzzing noise or flickering bulbs are common signs of a bad ballast. Replacing a bad ballast is easy for a novice do-it-yourself person. Here are some tips on how to replace a bad ballast in a fluorescent light. Read More