Heating That Extra Space With Under Floor Radiant Heating

If you have an outdoor shed or a room addition that needs to be heated, under floor radiant heat gives you features you don't have with traditional furnaces or space heaters. Once installed, these systems are invisible, except for the thermostat. Here are some under floor technologies to consider when heating that extra space in your home. Radiant Heat Versus Traditional Heating A traditional gas or electric furnace works by forcing warm air into a room. Read More 

Four Things You Want To Know Before Having A Home Solar Array Installed

Reducing your energy costs is something that has become much more affordable. It is also something that can be done by using a combination of technologies, such as energy efficient lighting and high efficiency appliances. These improvements to your home can also make a solar array a more practical energy solution, which can provide you with enough energy to power your home. Before you invest in a new solar array for your home, here are four things that you may want to know first: Read More 

Electrical Panels: The Heart Of Your Home

Every home that has electricity also has a device called an electrical panel that is the heartbeat of all electricity running throughout it. Most smaller homes have one panel, but larger houses may have two, located in different areas inside or outside of the home. This panel is the central system through which all electricity flows, so it is important to know how it works and what components perform which tasks. Read More 

6 Ideas To Turn Your Backyard Into The Ultimate Entertainment Space

If you frequently entertain people in your home, move the party outside this spring and summer. Transform your backyard into a fun gathering place that your neighbors will envy. The following project ideas will get you started thinking about creating that perfect backyard entertainment space. 1. A Deck for All Seasons Build a deck out of new composite materials that hold up to any weather or abuse. Plastic and vinyl-coated surfaces are treated to look just like natural stone or wood. Read More 

Converting From Home Office To Small Office: Adjusting For New Capabilities

What is the difference between a home office and a small office? Not much, depending on who you ask. Some people have an entire study in their homes that could be more organized than a brick and mortar office while others work at their computer with children running around their feet. Any home office could benefit by having an electrical setup that is more safe and reliable for business purposes. Read More