2 Important Electrical Features To Add To Your Home

If you are doing an extensive home renovation, adding an addition, or building a home from scratch, you will have opportunities to do some rewiring of your home's electrical system. Consider adding the following two features that will help protect your electronics and provide emergency backup power. Whole Home Surge Protection It is common to use surge protectors in your home on expensive electronics, such as a television, computer, or cell phones while they are being charged. Read More 

Common Questions About Replacing Your Home’s Circuit Breaker Panel

Your home's breaker panel is essential for managing the flow of electricity throughout the house. While this is a panel that you are unlikely to think about until there is a problem, issues with it can both reduce comfort inside the home and pose a major fire risk. As a result of these issues, it will likely be probable that you will need to replace the breaker panel with a new unit. Read More